Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oregon opener

Jake and I spent three days on the other side of Brownlee reservoir and found conditions similar to the Idaho side. Bird numbers seem down some, but not dismal. A positive note is, I saw more huns than I've ever seen in Oregon. It seems like the huns faired better than the chukars. In Idaho I saw very few huns in places I normally find them. Speaking to other hunters, they pretty much echoed my findings. Fewer covey's and fewer birds per covey.
Jake showed some real improvement this week. He is now keeping his nose to the air and producing more finds and long distance points. He now uses the wind to his benefit most of the time and held point on birds 100 yards into the breeze.
His retrieves are just short of great. Not bad for a dog 6 days short of 9 months old. It's taking more boot leather this year but we're finding it worth the hike.
Many of the old hunting areas have been singed by the hot sun this summer. There is little to no cover to hold the birds. Just like in Idaho, if you cover enough country you'll find new places that the birds seem to have migrated to. When you get to these areas it's easy to get excited. Suddenly there are droppings everywhere and the pup steps up the intensity. It's not too hard to find a positive note. Rock creek in Idaho was burnt last August. While driving the road in Oregon I snapped this picture of some of the burned area.
It won't be easy hunting this year, but it's pretty obvious that next years cover has a great start. Who knows for sure what cause these years of lower bird numbers. I still see plenty of grasshoppers and other insects that the birds need for growth protein. There is still wet springs on the mountain. Maybe it's just simply survival of the fittest. Natures way of culling out the weak for a stronger future for the birds. 


Anonymous said...

What a great pup you have there.He is developing so quickly. It sounds like he is eager to please.What a bond you must have by now with all the hunting together. I've been on crutches for the past two weeks.My knee finally gave out. I barely made it back to the truck.Too bad as Mays was having a great day of finding grouse that day. I would have had to crawl to flush the birds. Keep having fun.

larry szurgot said...

Sorry to hear about the knee. Hope for both you and Mays sake you heal soon. Trying to keep up with those dogs is tough on the knees and back but I've always felt it's worth it in the end.

Lord Mountbatten said...

Larry, thanks for the report. I was on the other side of Brownlee from you on Saturday, and saw only one covey of chukar the whole day. Not normal. Just came back from a drive around my house, and almost ran over a large covey of Huns! I've never seen them here before. I agree, the birds might be moving to new environs. Good excuse to look for new spots.