Friday, October 25, 2013

Sunny Beeches

Hi guys. Jake here. Since the Big Guy is laying on the couch watching football with ice on his leg, I thought I'd post what I've been seeing in my first month of chukar hunting. It's been a blast. except for the grumbling of the Big Guy.
Before going too far, I think I'd better mention the Gig Guy is losing it. I'm hoping to get him through the season and send him to Hawaii or some other ocean front place. He is talking an awful lot about Sunny Beeches. Just today, while chukar hunting, I was racing by him on a steep slope with a narrow trail. Right after I passed him I saw him sitting on the hill mumbling something about a Sunny Beech. Go figure. A little later he crippled a bird which I graciously retrieved. I guess he didn't enjoy me teasing him by dropping it before he could grab hold. Things like that send him to that far away land. Three times I dropped the bird and three times he started calling for that Sunny Beech. I always give him the bird in the end. He's so predictable.
Although the Big Guy says there aren't as many birds this year, I have nothing to compare it to and I'm seeing what I consider a boat load. Today I saw 6 or 7 covey's and some singles. I don't think the Big Guy saw as many. He must be a crack pot shot though. He shot one bird out of each of the first two covey's I pointed and a single I pointed. Three for three. Too bad he can't shoot that well at those orange pigeons. He'd probably see more birds if he didn't day dream so much. Several of the birds I saw just flew up for no reason. Just because I made a mad dash at a runner doesn't mean the rest of the covey shouldn't hold. Every time that happened I heard the Big Guy saying something about those Sunny Beeches again. Somehow I have to get him to focus.
One day we got eight birds. He made such a big deal of it. Took pictures and the whole deal. I must admit that maybe the Big Guy isn't too much of a sportsman. Anybody can shoot birds when they are given five minutes to get in the right position for the shot as his dog boringly keeps them from flying until he is ready. A good hunter will also get birds when his dog does sporting tactics like flushing the bird when the shooter is stepping behind a rock. The Big Guy just goes to that far away place when that happens.
Wow! The other animals we have seen. Deer, elk and bears, oh my. Skunks and porcupines along with snakes get the Big Guy a little excited, but I don't care much for them.
It sounds like we're going to keep hunting as long as the Big Guy can tough it out. He's kind of a wimp. Hopefully when he gets a metal knee he'll toughen up and learn to focus. Just today he barely made six miles to my twenty two. That's probably because of his day dreaming. I wish Riley was around for some pointers on training the Big Guy but he left me with enough that I can at least put up with him. I know we're sure having a lot of fun with each other and plan to find a lot more chukars before the years end. You other pups out there, don't let your Big Guys fool you. There are plenty of birds out there. Pester the heck out of them until they finally give in to taking you hunting. You know, break something, dig a hole or just become a nuisance to get your way. It will be worth it and your Big Guy will be happier in the end.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading Jake's blog.Sounds like he has your number. You two seem to be doing fine out there hunting. I know you work hard for your birds but for having a young dog you are doing just great. I'm off the crutches and we think it might have been strained ligaments.
I didn't stay off of it like the Dr told me but I own a furniture store so most of the work takes being on your feet.I have some part time help but they seem to be gone on freight days so its just me and the truck driver. Mays and I will head out Sun again to hunt grouse.I'm thinking of leaving the four wheeler at home as it is getting colder.No snow yet. The ducks are moving south so it must be winter. Keep having fun with that special dog of yours. Good luck with Barb on postponing surgery on your knee till Feb.
Take care.