Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby steps

Day 33 post knee replacement had me back on the hill for a short hunt. Although it was a little colder than I would have liked I found a burnt off hill that was pretty much sand. I'm still a little skiddish about trying to fight the mud or ice. Going straight up or down wasn't too hard but the side hilling got my attention quite often.

Jake was ready right out of the truck. He headed for the first brushy draw and locked on some quail.
Getting prepared to start chasing huns and chukars again I decided to pass on the shot and only flushed the birds. Jake took a short chase and then with a whistle and point by me he headed up the mountain. It didn't take long and he got his chukar legs back. As soon as we hit the open hillside he ranged out. At times he was almost 300 yards and at my speed it would have taken me forever to get to him.
Jake had two points. His first was a single hun, as far as I could tell, that busted wild. The second was a decent covey of chukars that busted just as I crested the hill. Being a little slow on the move I got one shot off and dropped a bird. The chukar dropped not twenty feet from Jake and the bird was at my feet before I could get my camera out of my pocket. Jake dropped the bird and headed in the direction of the covey.

I called Jake back before he could relocate the birds because my leg advised me to head back towards the truck. My knee was right and by the time we reached the truck I was bushed. Just over two miles and 400 feet in elevation felt like a full days hunt or more. What a great feeling!

At home I decided to take a picture of Jake and our bird. I didn't get to see the point or even prepare for the shot. The retrieve was so fast I didn't have time to appreciate it. The terrain wasn't all that steep and it wasn't that great of a shot. It was another day in the field for Jake, but it was a special bird for me.

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet that Jake was wanting to keep going up the hills. You were able to do the wise thing and head back. Wish my dog would hurry back with the bird,he likes to possess it for a little bit I guess.Glad you got out for a hunt and good shot. You have had some cool weather down there. We hit 40 degrees this past weekend.Kind of a heat wave for this time of year. Keep having fun with Jake.