Wednesday, October 5, 2016


While looking through my blog today I realized that the side column that show other favorite blogs doesn't show up any more. I'm trying to remedy that but currently cannot figure it out. There are many well written blogs out there that have to do with chukar hunting and are very informative and entertaining to read. The first one that comes to mind is Bob McMichaels "Chukar Hunting". He and his wife, Leslie, have some great stuff. He just posted a great video on public land hunting and nailed it.

I'll keep writing about Jake and my experiences on the mountains and hope I can keep you as informed and entertained as these Blog's. Chukar Vortex, Mouthful of Feather's, rookiebird and A Bird Hunter's Thought's. There are several more, but these five came to mind.

Meanwhile back to Tuckers Chukars and Jake's meanderings and my fibs. The season is shaping up to be a good one. We've had good and bad days as far as filling the game bag, but no bad days when you count the amount of game seen so far. Jake is giving some great points only to be followed by some very impressive bumping of birds. A few times he looked like a sprinter running through the finish line. The dust and pollen has been a real curse for us so far this year. I have to wash the green crust off Jake's nose two or three times a hunt. I let him use that as an excuse for bumping so many birds. The cooler days have definitely been more productive, both on dog points and finding birds. This time of the year I'm fortunate enough to be able to watch the calendar and pick the better days to get out there.

The Oregon and Nevada opener are this weekend and I'm sure there will be lots of happy dogs out there. The numbers are there. But take lots of water because I understand the heat is coming back and your pups are going to need all you can pack.

Jake's take for the day will hopefully give some food for thought for the remainder of the season.

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