Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jakes keeping practice.

The snow depth is still way out of my ability to hike through. At least while we're at home, Jake can entertain himself. Today he sat on the chair and watched the quail out front
until one decided to get too close to the window.
He slowly climbed off the chair and pointed the quail.
He stayed on point for about 15 minutes until I opened the door and flushed the birds.
We have less than two weeks left in the Idaho and Oregon season. Jake and I are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that we still might get out a day or two before the closing. If not, Barb and I may have to make a gambling trip down to Nevada. Of course Jake will be along.


James T said...

Ha Larry I have the same thing going on here there is about 60 Quail hanging around and my dogs are point them from across the yard. I started supplementing there winter feed last year then there were only 25. They will leave in the spring and I won't see them until next winter there fun. I live north of Winnemucca off 95 was going to try and get after the chuckar things were looking good the snow was melting off the lower sections of the mountain's then 3in of snow last night 50 deg. today now its mud. Our season ends on the 5th of Feb. so I still have time. Good luck hope you can get out.

larry szurgot said...

James, Jake and I are still going to do our best to get out before the end of the season. Temperature right now is 43 degrees but over cast. If that sun would peek out it would burn those steep slopes a lot faster. Either way, as soon as we can cover some country we'll be getting out. Whether we have a gun or not will depend on the season.

Larry said...

I am leaving balmy Alaska (8 above - up from -29 a couple days ago) tonight for Idaho. Hope to dig my trailer out and head further south, maybe as far as NM for quail. I hope you are able to get out before the season closes!


larry szurgot said...

Larry, I'm going to have to talk to you about hunting those quail. I have another friend from Montana that is down in Arizona this time of the year hunting quail and he says I'd love it. I'm starting to think I might give up a couple of weeks of chukar hunting in January if they're half as much fun as chasing chukars.