Tuesday, March 27, 2018

We're making our pick

After a lot of positive influence from you guys, Barb and I are going to pick out a pup on Saturday. We're going to get another solid liver shorthair from Idaho Shorthairs. Although we're making our pick next Saturday, he won't be ready to come home for another week after that. I can't wait for that puppy breath.

I have a couple more compilations of March jaunts with Jake and hopefully after that we'll have some good stuff about Jake training the new guy. In between I hope to keep an eye on the birds and what to expect next season.


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Larry said...

Good Luck with the new pup!

Very nice video's. Jake is amazing!

Made it back to Alaska. Lots of snow. Annie and I went ice fishing one day. She prefers birds I'm pretty sure, but the only ones we saw were bald eagles eating the remains of the fish we caught. Fun to watch them dive down to the ice and snatch them up.