Thursday, December 10, 2009


Shotguns are a matter of preference to each hunter. Although 10 guage shotguns are legal to hunt chukars with I can't imagine anyone wanting to lug such a heavy gun up steep chukar country. The 12 and 20 guages are by far the most popular, but the light 28 guage is gaining wide acceptance in the chukar community. There are even some out there that dare to use a .410 guage.

Weight of the shotgun makes much difference when navigating the hills chukar survive in. I have two Browning 12 guage over and unders and they are two pounds different in weight. When the weather is bad and I know I'll be traveling quite a distance I take the lighter shotgun. The 20 guage is lighter than the 12 so it's even more comfortable to pack up and down the draws. The 28 guage is lighter yet, but it's pay load is also lighter. Last is the light .410 gauge.

Of course as you drop in guage you lose pellet count. Some are good enough shots they can shoot the smaller guages I just happen to not be one of them so I shoot the 12.

Pumps, autoloaders, double barrels, and single barrels all serve the purpose of a chukar hunter. The pumps and autoloaders can get you a lot more shooting in the states where more than three shells are allowed but in reality after three shells are fired usually the last two shots just fall harmlessly to the ground. I must admit that at least half of the time when shooting at chukars a sleeper will take off after I've shot my second round and opened the action.
Barrel lengths ar also a matter of preference. Short barrels are quicker but they are harder to maintain a swing through.
Both of my chukar guns are expensive for my taste but I like the way they shoot so I hunt with them. They aren't as pretty as they used to be but prettiness doesn't kill chukars. My philosophy is I bought it for hunting so use it.

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