Monday, December 2, 2013

Good Luck Big Guy

Well, Big Guy tomorrows the big day. You're finally going to get that knee replacement. You thought you'd get away without a last word by me. Well, I had a pretty darn good season and I don't mind saying so. I talked you into getting that new camera and I know people would like to see me do my thing.

The last two months have been fantastic. Even with your gimping and whining we've had a good time. You've been a pitiful sight but I pulled you through the year.

I've decided to put some pictures together for you. I am hoping they'll encourage you to rehabilitate hard and get better fast. It's going to be very boring for me while you go through your rehab. I sure wish Riley were still here for me to play with. Like you, I miss him a whole bunch. I wish I could have seen him do all the things you talk about when we're on the hill. He must have been one heck of a hunting dog. I remember this spring when you took this picture and remarked these two are going to bring me bucket loads of chukar instead of gold.
We sure had some good times in our short time together. I'm sure he's up in heaven wishing you the best also.

I sure appreciate all the hunting time on the hill since bird season began. We had a ball didn't we? I think I've been real patient with you and you've come a long way. The last three weeks have been tough for me watching you hobble around on the mountain, but I know how much you love it, so I put up with your whining. Hopefully, you'll be back in top shape for spring training. I put these pictures of the last three weeks together for you to reminisce of great times to come. I know if I were hurting they would help me hurry up and get better, so please toughen up and get it done.

Because your memory is getting so poor, I'm going to walk you through most of these photographs. It's getting so bad that you left the lunch Barbara made us a few days ago. Both you and I were starving on the way home from our hunt because you forgot the lunch. Hell, I remember you almost tripped over it on the way out the door and still didn't put it in the truck. Maybe you've put too many miles on the hill for your brain also.

Remember this point? You sure took your time getting to me. I remember thinking "Can you hurry it up a little. Just because some birds flew already that doesn't mean there aren't more here". Sometimes I can't style up like you'd like and I get stuck in these weird positions waiting for ol slowpoke to get to me. At least you shot well at the straggler.
And how about that foggy day.

I swear, I was up out of the fog at least 15 minutes before you finally appeared through it. But it was worth the wait. You yelled at me to slow down because your muscles were still stiff. I don't understand humans. You'd think they would be faster learners with as much education they get. Watch us animals. Have you ever heard us complain about being stiff when we start a hike? No, because we always stretch when we get out of the truck. I have never seen you stretch on a hunt to loosen the muscles. Also, have you noticed how we always lighten the load as we begin our trek? Enough said about that.
Those birds were ready to break but I found a way to calm them before you finally arrived. I was even getting cold standing there on point for ten minutes.

 That was a pretty good shot you made. I didn't even mind that retrieve. Bringing a dead bird from uphill fifty yards is easy compared to most of those straight uphill retrieves. I don't think you understand what that takes out of a dog. It's fun chasing the cripple down but hard bringing it back up the hill when you're out of breath. Maybe you should use that time to stretch instead of saying "atta boy". I got the message with the first retrieve over a month ago.

And how about those points looking back at you. Remember, even though my head is up high, if it looks like I might be on point than I probably am on point. Hint, if the wind is at your back in these situation than it is my face. Start moving towards me and quit scratching your ..... head. Those birds aren't going to sit there forever. Also, maybe your shooting would improve if you trust my point instead of walking up half asleep.

Maybe next year you can leave the camera at home for a while. It gets a little bit frustrating when I let you take a picture and than you start moving in to take a closer picture

and then you miss the birds.  I get a little discouraged watching those kind of birds fly off. I've even contemplated calling your doctor to see if he could do some improvements on your trigger finger and shooting eye but figured let's just get one thing at a time accomplished.

Although I try to always let you get this close the birds don't always cooperate. So please don't miss shots like this. In this case you made a good shot which, and as usual,
I retrieve. You later take credit for the bird and I understand. That's what I'm here for.
With all your screw ups we still had a pretty darn good day. We do make a pretty good team.
Speaking of doing good. Remember the day we got this limit? I was on fire wasn't I. Sure, you'll get the credit at home but let's be honest about who really did the work. Like this point.
Sure it wasn't the most stylish point in the world, but you didn't hear me saying anything about taking two shots to kill the bird.
The country was a lot flatter that day and you moved better than usual. If I could, I'd like to ask if you'll not approach my point from behind. I've seen some good shooting from you but I've also seen some questionable shots, so I'd rather you come in from the side or front so I can watch and see if I need to dive for cover.
Also coming in from behind shows your lack of confidence in me. I know the country sometimes is open but just trust me. The nose doesn't lie. See what I mean.
I'm hoping by the time you recover from your knee replacement you realize I'm not a puppy anymore and will quit calling me that in front of your friends. I think you do that so that everyone thinks you're the great hunter. Remember, you'd probably get nothing if it wasn't for me. I am almost one year old and already a master of my trade. Remember the hunt with Greg and his two girls?  I think male dogs have better noses than those women.
I must admit that I was pretty impressive. Man, was I styling that day. We call them bitches but I still like impressing them.
I thought you did a pretty good job yourself. Especially since you some of your shells had no shot in them. That explained why I didn't see many feathers falling from the sky. That reminds me, quit yelling "how did I miss that shot"? Everyone is wondering the same thing without you blurting remarks.
3 for 10. Maybe you can explain what that means to me one day while you're rehabilitating. I mean your leg not your head. I had so many great points like these that day I figured you'd surely  be happy with your bag limit.
Trudi and Katie were so impressed with my style they let me use them as pillows to soften the ride home. I think they look at me as quite the stud. Sometimes it's nice being the only guy around.
And remember that hunt over at. Oh! I forgot. I'm not supposed to mention that spot. It's supposed to be a secret. I can't believe you don't trust me more than you do. Blindfolding me is a little too much.
How would you like it if I blindfolded you before I pointed the birds? Wouldn't be much of a team game, would it?
Maybe I'll start hiding the birds and play hide and seek with you. That would sure make the day a long one. Imagine, with your nose trying to find a dead bird. Ha!
Talk about finding a needle in a haystack. You'd be lucky be looking until the rotted dead bird smell started. Your family would starve to death if we counted on you finding dead birds.
I think it would be better if you trusted me not to tell other dogs about your hot spots and I'll keep doing what I do best. Making you look good. That's not as easy as it sounds either.
I point, you shoot,
and I retrieve. Even if it is a hun.
Remember, I point, you shoot,
and I retrieve.
point and shot
Retrieve. I hope we've got that straight now. Seems a little bit unfair though. I do two things to your one. All you do is pull the trigger. But, you do pay for the gas, etc. so I can live with that. You also feed me and are a darn good friend to have around. You even let me pack a bird around when we take a break on the hill. Sometimes it's just nice to show off my trophy. I don't know why you are always in such a hurry to get the bird in your bag.
By the way, quit panicking every time you see my standing on a cliff of rocks. I have super good balance. I wouldn't do anything that would put our fun times to a halt. I hope you'll be careful too. I probably only have ten or eleven more seasons to hunt hard and we don't want to lose any more time than we're going to lose in the next two months. Looking at these pictures and remembering how much fun we have had together makes me sad we're going to miss the next two months. Man, we have had fun. I know I make fun of you but you're such an easy target. I have to admit it's fun to watch you hobble towards my far away points. You look like Chester on those old Gunsmoke reruns.
You look like you are hurting pretty bad at times. Those are the times I am proudest to fetch the bird to you. You have to really love chukar hunting to walk these hills feeling the way you do.
I know a few times I might be getting a little too far out there. I don't like doing that to you but the birds are so few this year I have out get out there to find them. It's in my blood. I wouldn't have to go so far if there were more birds. Ya, that's me out there 300 yards on point.
I can honestly say that after a long walk like this I am really proud of you when you shoot a double. I will always gladly fetch those birds, especially when you have worked so hard just to get to my point. That's another thing for you to put into your memory bank. Trust me and take your time getting to my point and you'll shoot better.
Man, just looking at these pictures make it sad to see this season end. But if this is a down year, like you said, I can't imagine what the years ahead are going to be like. I pray that Dr. Moore gets you back up on your feet quickly. In fact I wish he could give you bionic knees. Wouldn't we be a threat to the chukar world then. Thank you for the wonderful year. I'll miss you while you're at the hospital but you don't have to send me to Dr. Koob while you're gone. Having me neutered so we'll both be out of operation for a few days is a little much. As usual I'm getting the short end of this deal also. At least you're getting a knee replacement. I'm losing two things permanently.  I'm taking back my promise not to jump on you when you get back from the hospital.
Just remember my great points and the beautiful country 
and we'll soon be back on the hill this spring practicing our pointing ability.
Man, I love chukar hunting


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and love the comments from Jake. I like the one about Chester off of Gunsmake.A lot of people aren't old enough to remember Chester. I do.I used to go to the neighbors to watch it as we didn't have a TV at that time.Times have changed. Good work.

Unknown said...

Good luck on your knee replacement. My dad is currently going through the rehab process right now and it is going quite well. I wish you the same. I was curious if you could send me a personal message. I would like to ask you a few questions about chukar. I have two male GSP's (5 and 1.5 yrs). I grew up bird hunting in ND but am now stationed out here in Idaho. I have been out hunting them a few times, but I haven't seen any birds yet.

larry szurgot said...


Thanks for your kind words. Please feel free to contact me at There is nothing more that I like than talking chukar hunting with fellow dog lovers.