Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bummer 2

Just yesterday I posted about eliminating some of the predators to chukars. Today, on our hike, Jake and I spotted these two fox pups by a dirt hill. They obliged me for a few pictures before retreating into their hole.
Even knowing how many upland eggs they can eat there is no way I could ever hurt one of those faces.
But it wasn't difficult at all to eliminate this big guy from the mountain.
I kept a trophy.
For those interested, there is a snake avoidance class this Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 14th in Boise. I highly recommend taking your dog to one of them if you haven't before.


Anonymous said...

As hard as I try, I can't muster a lot of Empathy for rattlesnakes. Good job Larry. I grew up around them in Ca but I pretty much freaked when I saw one. I think the fear centers around one of those snakes putting the fangs in my bird dog.
Alan and Mays

larry szurgot said...

That's my fear also. I had a good visit with Dr. Koob (DMV) at the snake avoidance clinic Saturday and he has only heard of two dogs ever dying of snake bite in this area. He is a pretty big chukar hunter and last year his dog got bit in the lip by a rattler. He had never been through the snake avoidance program. Showed me pictures of Bernie and he was pretty swollen in the face but had no problems after the antibiotics and a little rest time.

The snakes around here have less potent venom than those in Texas and Arizona.

I don't mind fooling around with snakes but I jump and run as fast as anyone when one surprises me.

Anonymous said...

Be careful posting potential dead Rattle snake pictures in Idaho. I think you caught this rattler and removed its rattle, and let her go unharmed? It is illegal to kill rattlers in Idaho, unless your life is in Danger. Please look at, WWW.GSSESER.COM/Rattler.htm Hatches, I have friends seeing very large Quail hatches, especially around those places that promote aggressive predator control, and I hope this equates to chukar. I will be out scouting hatch sizes in a month or so. I am excited for this hatch with all the bugs and decent weather. We do not need it to dry out and go hot, we need to keep the bugs hatching. With first hatches already on the ground, we should start seeing broods as the chicks get closer to 3-4 weeks old.

larry szurgot said...

Thanks Mark. We've yet to see a brood in our travels but have to admit that we don't often find young ones this early in the summer. Good to hear about the quail. I couldn't get into that site about the rattler's. I spoke with a fish and game guy last year that said that you could take up to four reptiles per year in Idaho. I can't remember if it was take or kill up to four but I was referencing to a den of rattlers I had found. Thank you for the warning. I had a similar warning last year and that's why I contacted F&G before I made a costly mistake.

Anonymous said...
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