Monday, June 29, 2015


After yesterday's post I decided to take a better look at some of the places I usually see only pairs this time of the year. Yes, the little ones were there and a lot bigger than I figured they'd be. I guess I've been figuring that since I only a saw pairs off the road in the past that there were no little ones. I now believe those little ones were just ducking in the higher brush as I drove or walked by.

There were at least a dozen small birds with this hen and I encountered another covey with an equal amount of young ones.
I'm sure I'll find the chukar numbers are good also as soon as this heat wave passes.


Anonymous said...

First quick scout trip on chukar to one of my count spots, and I was not in the area at prime chukar spotting time. Saw 5 hatches between 3-7 weeks old, most were approx 5 weeks. Hatch size was good for all age groups. One large hatch was approx 60% + grown.

The hopper count was lower than I expected, hope the 3 week old chick's can find enough bugs to make it through this heat wave and develop. We do not need a repeat of a few years ago when the hatch was good and suddenly we lost a lot of them to lack of bugs, heat and likely west Nile.

Let's hope that this hatch survives, as I am pleasantly optimistic from what I saw from the early hatch.


larry szurgot said...

Great news. Thanks Mark.