Sunday, March 18, 2018

What am I thinking.

You probably remember a few years back where I said that Jake would probably be my last hunting dog. Riley's early departure had ripped my heart apart and I didn't want to go through something like that again. Whoever said that time heals must have been a lot smarter than me. I never thought the hole Riley made would ever heal but between Jake and time I have decided, along with Barbara, that I do have room for one more pup in my future.

One of our reader's, Ben Warner, posted a picture of his new addition in the last post, and that picture stimulated me in how much fun it has been raising these guys and watching them mature.

Short story is, Barbara and I are on the hunt for another solid liver male shorthair. Yah, Jake's gonna be a little bent out of shape, but I let him know he'll still be king around here. Here's a video of us playing in the snow.



Anonymous said...

Nice videos Larry.Its time for another dog. Two is better than one and Jake can teach him the ropes. I’m nearing that time too.I’m glad Barb approves. Jake and you look to be having a good time. keep having fun. Alan,Mays and the Setter.

Ben said...

Great success!

Larry said...

Nice video!
While hunting with some guys older than me down south Susan noticed that all of them had at least two dogs and that the dogs were keeping them young. She had been against another pup, but decided to go along with it as it just may keep me alive a little longer. So that night I signed up on the Bohemian Griffon club puppy list. I hope to get one in 2019 although this year would work too.

Good luck with getting another great dog. The amount you hunt your dogs just about guarantees a good result!

We are heading home Tuesday out of Boise. We had a good time being in the lower 48 since October. Kind of hard to leave especially since winter isn't over in Alaska.

Hope to see you next year!