Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jeff Dooms

This is a tribute to Jeff Dooms. Jeff started chukar hunting with me 5 years ago. He went with Team Tuckota and myself twice and decided he needed a chukar dog. His wife bought Cavin as a pup for Christmas and we soon started training. It wasn't long before Team Tuckota, Jeff and myself had another well groomed gsp. Jeff hunted chukars hard for the next four years and he and Cavin were a real team collecting many limits of chukars. Jeff was killed in a head on collision on hwy. 55 Aug. 10, 2009.
Jeff was a great hunting partner, neighbor and friend. More than that he was a great person. Jeff I miss you and hope you're taking care of my past hunting dogs up there.

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Anonymous said...

He's hunting in peace ! ;)