Monday, November 9, 2009


I've been owned by several hunting dogs in the past but until Tucker came along I didn't really know what chukar hunting was all about. As a pup he was trained on wild quail around my place and immediately showed his instincts by holding point on quail at ten weeks of age. There was no pressure, just casual walks through the fields to introduce him to all of the sounds and smells. Before the chukar season we gradually moved to the chukar hills where he soon figured out how to extend the distance. At first it was hard for me to let him range but he soon taught me to trust him. he woluld hold birds from over 200 yards until I got there for the flush.

In his first year he retrieved over 100 chukars to me that were off his points. His retrieves were usually not directly to my hand but within a yard or two. Chukar dogs sometimes have very long steep retrieves and I always felt if I can't take two or three steps to help the dog get to me than I should stay home on the couch. Although to me Tucker was a long ranging dog(2 to 3 hundred yards) he seemed to be as uncomfortable when not being in sight of me as I was not being able to locate him. We truly soon became a team. I owe a lot to this dog for what he has taught me. Over 12 years he has been responsible or partly responsible for over 3500 chukars.

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