Monday, November 9, 2009

team tuckota

So this is how we came up with Team Tuckota. Tuck from Tucker and kota from Dakota. At first I hunted the two separately but sometimes there wasn't enough days in the week to get them both out. Plus, I hated seeing the faces when I left one at home
I found that not only did they hunt good together they actually complimented each other. I was amazed at even though they hunted separately how many times I'd find the two of them together pointing the same covey one honoring the other.
Of course there were times when they would be 300 yards apart and locked on separate coveys. I'd have to decide which dog to go to first. When it came to retrieving they never fought over the bird but which ever dog got to it first would get the retrieve. Tucker got smart after a while and would let the youngster run down the steep hill chasing a bird while he went off to point the next covey.
On the good years it was very common to get limits behind Team Tuckota. The question was how many shots it would usually take for me to get eight birds. Wouldn't it be fun to get into a dogs mind and see what he's thinking after all those missed shots.

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