Monday, November 23, 2009


A plus to hunting is shooting good. This rarely happens on chukar hunts. It's hard to similate the shots you will be taking.
You are very rarely on flat ground. The birds take off when your body is not square to the target making your swing short. You have to be aware of where your dog's are, especially when hunting multiple dogs. If you're hunting with others you also have to know where they are. Chukar hunting isn't like pheasant hunting where you all line up and push a field.
Down hill shots are my hardest shot. I have a tough time shooting under the bird, even when I tell myself to do so before the flush.
I practice a lot and there are certain shots I make easier than others, so when approaching a pointing dog I try and approach in a manner to force the birds to fly the way I shoot best. In my case it's left to right crossers.
Most practice shooting isn't done on steep chukar hills, but it can be very beneficial. Here, I'm practicing with my good friends, Jeff and Teresa, and my wife, Barbara. Not only is it practice, it's a fun outing.

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